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FAQ - Questions and Answers

C-App is operative on the web. The software used for development, has the property that it automatically adapts to use on mobile devices. This means that services are available on mobile and works as an app without requiring users to download a separate app. C-App will continue to evolve with new services and applications. Customized mobile applications will be developed when a clear user needs arise.
C-APP is free to use. Those who wish to advertise their services can sign up to get access to a simple and user-friendly registration with flexible and independent advertising.
Registration is done by going to the login / sign up. The customer receives an immediate response and access to their own administrative side.
Advertisers may conduct payments through paypal (in which ad is automatically publish)or by invoice option. When choosing invoice ad will be saved in our system. When the payment is received, the ad will be activated by our C-App manager. You will receive your invoice automatically through your provided e-mail.
No. But advertising is responsible for ensuring that the information given is correct. Persons or companies without government approval or authorization is not entitled to be listed under industries where there are such claims.
There are no fields for acceptance. It is assumed that the advertiser follows general requirement for public advertising.
Ads placed in C-App varies according to the "Plan" chosen. Either Basic, Plus, or Premium. During the payment process, either Paypal or invoice can be selected as payment method. For Paypal payment, the ad is published right after completion. For invoice payment, the ad is activated after receiving the payment. Any ad can be edited or deleted or renew through the customer page.
Advertise in Capp can in principle be published anywhere in the world. Focus in 2016 is however on travelers in Norway. Information can be provided on Scandinavian, English and French. Countries where mother tongue will be a natural market as the relevant information will be posted on C-App
Are you interested in advertising to a wide number of people through a modern and exciting facilitated application? Through facilitation of information that is useful in the daily traffic, more and more use of C-App. Advertiser we get promoted their services along with this. C-App offers great opportunities for advertising at prices that can compete with.
You have considerable freedom to enter and edit your ads in a user friendly manner. In addition, our team, if requested, will assist you in adding ads, pictures and text.
All advertisers have the freedom to facilitate this.

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